The ReWear Marketplace

Buy & sell used outdoor gear

There’s more life in the gear!

Make some cash off your used (but still useful) outdoor clothing, or shop for deals while keeping your environmental footprint light.

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ReWear will launch in January 2021

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How it works

To buy

Set up a ReWear account (takes about 2 minutes).

Browse pre-owned products for some great deals.

Pay with your debit or credit card

Wait patiently by your mailbox (we ship USPS).

Get outside and enjoy your (gently used) new gear!

To sell

Set up a ReWear account (takes about 2 minutes).

Post your item for sale (with description and photos).

When it sells, print out the pre-paid shipping label we provide.

Drop your package in the mail.

Money will be deposited to your bank.