ReFleece was founded to promote reuse and upcycling

Because there is life yet in that old coat.

We make great-looking, useful, long-lasting products out of items that would otherwise be discarded.

The primary material in our products is “used-up” outdoor performance wear. The fabric in these products is often well engineered and built to last.

Yet a relatively small bit of damage — a broken zipper, blown seam, small tear, some leaking in a downpour — may leave the garment no longer functioning well in its original use.

With help of our partner companies, we divert these items from the waste stream, and turn them once again into something of value.

The goal is to conserve resources and reduce some of the 13 million tons of American textile waste that every year ends up in landfills.

We also hope that we inspire other businesses and individuals to think more about the value of reuse and upcycling.

How ReFleece came to be

ReFleece was founded by Sam Palmer and Jennifer Feller, a husband-wife team committed to great design and sustainable practices.

With respective backgrounds in product design at IDEO and Patagonia and sustainable organizational management, it was only a matter of time until Sam and Jennifer put their basement full of old outdoor gear to use. In 2012, the duo stepped up to the challenge, and ReFleece was born.

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