How our process works

Upcycling old outdoor wear into something new, step by step

1 We receive garments that are collected by our partner companies.

Learn more about our partners here.

2 The team then sorts items by color and material.

We make use of various kinds of fabrics, including fleece and nylon from shell-style jackets.

3 They are then cut flat and laundered into usable material.

Obviously damaged portions are removed, but ordinary wear is part of the “look” of our products.

Upcycling a jacket at ReFleece

4 We die cut sewing patterns directly from the flattened garments.

We work to make sure we use the materials efficiently. One jacket like this can yield enough material for several ReFleece products.

5 No dyes are needed. The color of our products comes directly from the original garments they are made from.

Because of this, you should expect some variation in color from product to product. Photo shows garments sorted by their original color.

6 Our sewing team then creates our final products – ready for the next adventure.

We take care with the making of our products. Durability is another consideration when it comes to careful use of resources.

Refleece Pocket Pouch, made from up-cycled jackets

7 Is that your jacket in there? Could be! Certainly, it belonged to someone.

And so ReFleece products have a past. They have been places and done things. It feels almost as if they have a soul.

8 This is a low-energy, low-impact manufacturing process, and all of it happens in the United States.

Our headquarters is in the Everett Mill building in Lawrence, Mass.

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