Favorite Reusable Tote Bag


Carefully crafted from reclaimed jackets, this reusable tote bag is sturdy enough for a trip to the farmer’s market or grocery store, and stylish enough for date night.

  • Lightweight & packs down into its own internal pocket
  • Water resistant
  • Interior zip pocket keeps wallet, keys, phone or other small items safe
  • Fully reversible (in case you need to go undercover)
  • 14″ tall x 5″ deep x 14″ wide
A note about color

Each product's color comes from the original garments it was made from, so colors vary. Generally, each color choice will be in the following ranges:

  • Fresh Green

  • Sunrise Red

Made from upcycled outdoor gear

Designed & manufactured in the United States

  • Pocket

    Zippered pocket cut from a reclaimed jacket is sewn into the interior (or exterior if you have the bag reversed)

  • Interior & exterior

    Two layers of material cut from reclaimed post-consumer jackets

  • This green jacket spent five years in college, left a little older and a little wiser*

Refleece tote bag, made from up-cycled jackets
*Each ReFleece product embodies the unique past life of the gear it was made from: seams, quirks and minor wear. Exact colors will vary.

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