Zip It bag


Anytime small things start creating chaos in your life … Zip It up! This small zippered bag is the perfect home for various electronics cables, chargers, toiletries, hair products, or whatever small items need to be tamed.

  • Made from reclaimed wool and salvaged post-consumer raincoats and wind shells
  • Easy to clean; just toss the whole thing in the wash
  • Stands open for easy access
  • Large: 10” wide by 5” tall with a 4” rectangular base
  • Small: 8.5″ wide by 2.5″ tall with a 2″ wide rectangular base

Made from reclaimed & recycled material

Designed & manufactured in the United States

  • Exterior

    Reclaimed wool

  • Liner

    Cut from a retired post consumer rain jacket or wind shell.

  • In-between layer

    (not visible) Recycled soda bottle felt between inner and outer layers adds padding and gives the bag rigidity.

  • This yellow jacket enjoyed its time in the mountains, but often wondered what was next.*

Refleece Zip It pouch, made from recycled and upcycled materials
*Each ReFleece product embodies the unique past life of the gear it was made from: seams, quirks and minor wear. Exact colors will vary.

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