Large Tote-One Of A Kind (OOAK) “Pinkish” Camo


Our designers have created these awesome One Of A Kind Totes from unique materials – with a bit more variety than our standard line. Like all of our products, they are made from 100% upcycled materials, mostly with former lives as ski jackets, fleece sweaters, or other outerwear.

This tote bag is made from “pinkish” camo and nylon jackets that had reached the end of their life as clothing, but are now ready for the next adventure, whether it’s to the dog park or the farmer’s market. Like all of our totes they are fully reversible, and different on each side, for a total of four looks — pair with your mood accordingly. The images show all four sides of the tote: 2 exterior/ 2 interior (reversible).

Large Totes (OOAK) are same size as our standard Favorite Tote. Stylish enough for an evening out in town and sturdy enough for a trip to the farmer’s market!  Carefully crafted in the USA with:

  • 2 Internal pocket – cut directly jackets
  • Wide straps for comfort
  • 14′′ tall x 5′′ deep x 14′′ wide

Designer:  Anna Winters

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Made from Upcycled Outdoor Gear

Designed & manufactured in the United States.

  • Exterior + Interior

    Upcycled jackets

  • Pocket

    Pocket cut directly from jacket

*Each ReFleece product embodies the unique past life of the gear it was made from: seams, quirks and minor wear. Exact colors will vary.

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