Limited edition “Patchwork” – Favorite Reusable Tote Bag


We created a limited run of our favorite tote in a multi color “patchwork” design. They are same dimensions as the origin favorite tote, but each one has a unique color pattern. No two totes are the same.

Carefully crafted from reclaimed jackets, this reusable tote bag is sturdy enough for a trip to the farmer’s market or grocery store, and stylish enough for date night.

  • Lightweight & packs down into its own internal pocket
  • Water resistant
  • Interior zip pocket keeps wallet, keys, phone or other small items safe •Fully reversible (in case you need to go undercover)
  • 14′′ tall x 5′′ deep x 14′′ wide
A note about color

Every limited patchwork tote is unique in its color pattern. In general, we used brighter on top with darker colors on the bottom and interior. Your tote will look similar but will not be the exact same colors as the totes shown.

Made from Upcycled Outdoor Gear

Designed & manufactured in the United States.

  • Pocket

    Zippered pocket cut from a reclaimed jacket is sewn into the interior (or exterior if you have the bag reversed)

  • Interior & Exterior

    Two layers of material cut from reclaimed post-consumer jackets

*Each ReFleece product embodies the unique past life of the gear it was made from: seams, quirks and minor wear. Exact colors will vary.

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